About Bills Buy & Sell

Bill at front counter

Gold, Silver and Bullion

Bill's Buy & Sell is a well-established business that specializes in precious metals. With years of experience, Bill's Buy & Sell has earned a reputation for reliability and expertise.  Bill opened his business in 2008. 

Bill's Buy & Sell offers a diverse range of gold and silver bullion products, including bars, coins, and rounds. They are specialists in the purchasing of gold, silver and platinum jewelry, coins, bars, etc... in any condition, good or broken (scrap). We also have a wide variety of jewelry, coins, stamps and other items for sale.

Come see our extensive Coin & Notes collection

We are well versed in coin collections and notes. Sell us yours or add some of ours to your collection.

Retail Store

Bill buys and sells your electronics and other merchandise. We are always looking to buy quality merchandise and we also have many items for sale at costs much lower than retail. Computers, monitors, DVDs, games and much more.

Licensed Pawn Broker

Let us help you learn how to get the money you need. Borrow money against your merchandise for an agreed time period.