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We sell Merchandise, buy gold and silver and provide loans.

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We have an evolving selection of products and goods. come down to our store to see whats new. 44 Moira Street West in Belleville.

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Loans when you need it!

Need a quick loan? Have something you want to sell? Want to buy an item at a good price? Then we are the place for you. Turn that unused stuff in your home, attic or basement into hard cash that you can use to buy what you really want. Bill's Buy and Sell is a licensed pawnshop and we have been in business for five years.

A pawnshop is a lot like a dozen garage sales and a flea market all rolled into one. Pawnshops also play an important role in many communities by providing people with an easy, fast way to borrow small amounts of money.

Gold | Silver | Jewelery

We are specialists in the purchasing of gold, silver and platinum jewelry, coins, bars, etc... in any condition, good or broken (scrap). We also have a wide variety of jewelery and other items for sale.

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Coins | Notes

We are well versed in coin collections, notes and their appraisals. Sell us yours or add to your own collection.

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Merchandise | Electronics

We are always looking to buy quality merchandise and we also have many items for sale at costs much lower than retail. Computers, monitors, DVDs, games and much more.

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Fast Loans

If you need money fast, get a loan from us, we are a Licensed Pawn Broker

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